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Summer 2018

Summer this year is proving to be as memorable as spring.

The flowers started to appear while the spring flowers were still in full swing due to their late start. The effect of this was a fabulous display of abundance and colour.

It has been recorded as the hottest summer recorded since 1976. In the middle of July most things where dried to a crisp. The cow parsley on the hedgerows, teasel and other wild plants looked spectacular in a myriad of rust colours.

Summer is often, not as exciting as spring, it appears slowly and quietly slowly changing from month to month in a calm pleasant manner. There is however nothing quiet or slow about this year, the heat went on and on with no let up. The grass and borders are withered, mummified or limp depending on the plant. It's fascinating observing which plants are managing the best, my money at the moment is on Nautica and lavender. The wild flowers seem to be more resilient than the hybrid ones.

I notice where there is tight planting and airy plants, things appear to be coping better as the plants seem to have a little microcosm. This has especially been the case if there is a little shadow available.

During walks I observed trees bleeding sap and splitting. My rhubarb has survived sparingly. It has been such a unique year so far.

The rain we have had has been very sparing, but we have had just enough to allow us a second flush of summer flowers together with the later blooms.

I'm really looking forward to what autumn has to offer.

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