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About Me - TheGriefWhackingGardener

My name is Martha.

I have been working in healthcare now for over 25 years.

The Grief Whacking Gardener started after my father died. I wanted to create a forum, initially about my experience of coping with grief in a positive manner, but to also invite others to join me in doing the same

I created a blog to chronicle my journey through grief. For me it included rescuing my Dad's garden from wrack and ruin so I talk about my skill learning and experiences of gardening as well as about my bereavement journey in my blogs. 

I created this web site with the aim of creating a community where people can chronicle their own experiences of grief and how they moved through it. My hope is for a community which supports one another in positive times and difficult ones and hopefully make life long friends.

My website is new and I am still learning so please be kind


Winter is here, Christmas is done and we are welcoming the new year, the beginning of 2020. 

For me it is a time to reflect on my life to this time.

I have spent over a decade caring for family members and being confronted daily with illness and the coming of death.

Winter is the time of death in nature, as death occurs, new life begins again, we need to learn to accept each as the turning of our world.

Pine Corn

Plant for Winter


Snow drop

Snow drops are the first to appear toward the end of winter and to herald the spring.

They appear in drifts in hedgerows and unexpected abandoned places and as they are white they may be overlooked as they do not have the flamboyance and beauty of summer colour, but they have a quiet, delicate beauty as indeed do snow flakes, which may settle around them.


There are a lot of ways of coping with life's stressors. Grief is one of the most difficult for us to manage as well as experiencing grief with our loved ones.

I am using gardening to manage my own grief during a very difficult time in my life. I am trying to rescue a large garden from the excesses of nature and prevent destruction while bring it into the modern world. I would like to bring out the best in a beautiful old garden using old techniques and equipment. I use this equipment because I find it calming and it allows me to connect with nature in a way in which I have not for many years. Please follow the Whacky Gardener Blog to hear more.


I hope to add ideas or photos shared here


Please keep watching as I develop the page 

Contact me;
The Grief Whacking Gardener , United Kingdom
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